There was a time when efforts to promote gender equity in the workplace were gaining tremendous traction.

But no more. This means that organizations are operating with a talent deficit, and it shows in stalled bottom lines. Why has the momentum lost its steam? Are we, including the most “enlightened” of us, complicit?

A highly sought-after women’s leadership speaker, Susan Hodgkinson has studied gender inclusion inside and outside of business for 20 years. Her lessons are drawn from real-life. She has extensive experience working with organizations to attract more women, and helping those companies and their female employees access and leverage the tools they need to thrive.

In this provocative keynote, addressing both women and men, Hodgkinson presents the reasons why progress on women’s inclusion has stalled, and the seven key things every man and woman in the organization must do to make it work for everyone. Advancing gender equity isn’t just the right thing to do: it results in powerful, sustainable business performance improvement.

This keynote is a new and refreshing take on a vitally important topic. It is ‘straight talk,’ punctuated with humor, insight and candor, into the messy, complex and fascinating questions of why gender equality remains so elusive and how we, as individuals and as businesses, can jumpstart progress once again.

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Using the "Dignity Mindset to Build Gender Inclusion" keynote blew me away! It is deeply intelligent, highly entertaining and very necessary stage-setter for Leadership Conferences. I’ve listened to many women’s leadership speakers over the years and Sue Hodgkinson is exceptional." – Aileen GormanThe Commonwealth Institute

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The time has never been more right; the challenges of creating gender equity for leaders never so important. Hodgkinson’s Keynote is for women and men, and all those in organizations who know they must act NOW to create and sustain gender equity, and equity for all those outside the core power structure. It’s not nice to have; it’s a business imperative and this keynote shows why reviewers say “Don’t leave home without this book."

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