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Using Personal Branding
to Drive Performance and Profit

"Proprietary, pragmatic and purposeful,
The Personal Brand Company's services are the essence of the new employer-employee contract. CEOs, managers and individual contributors use them to get results, keeping themselves-and their businesses-competitive, powerful and profitable."

Susan Hodgkinson

Why Personal and Leadership Branding?

Owners of strong personal leadership brands:

  • Command their markets.
  • Have superior, sustainable business performance.
  • Continuously prove themselves by meeting key market needs at the right time, in a way that meaningfully distinguishes them from others.

At their core is a track record of quality, dependability, reliability, predictability, and ongoing renewal and innovation.

The managers of leading brands deliberately, rigorously, strategically and courageously generate the economic and social capital needed to innovate as part of their marketing discipline, and to recover from occasional mistakes or market setbacks.

The Personal Brand Company is all about helping professionals and leaders do the same things. Our proprietary approach—whether it be delivered through executive coaching, personal brand workshops, or motivational speaking—brings a unique, powerful, market-focused discipline to personal brand and leadership development.

If you want to provide your employees with the tools that support self-reliance, risk taking, innovation, and results-driven professional development for the benefit of the employee, customer, and bottom line, contact us for more information.



"College Corner"
Julia Averna is currently a guest blogger on branding for college students. Julia is a Social Work Major and senior at Providence College.

How to Proactively Manage your Social Media Accounts Before and During your Job Search

In 2015 the question is not if your future employer will scope you out via social media, but when they will explore your account(s). Over 70% of employers review accounts (mostly Facebook and LinkedIn) before confirming first round interviews with candidates. As it turns out, the number of likes you got on a questionable photo from a few weekends ago wasn’t worth what it cost you in the long run: a new job and the integrity of your brand. Word travels fast, and the last thing you want to worry about amidst the application process is scrambling to clean up or hide your account(s) altogether.




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The Leader's Edge:

Using Personal Branding to Drive
Performance and Profit

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