Finally, a book that breaks through to the heart of why gender equity has stalled and what to do about it. The Dignity Mindset gives business leaders innovative, actionable and practical solutions on how to stand for inclusion and lead a cultural shift in their organizations at the belief system level.

Susan Hodgkinson not only presents the case, she then provides business leaders with the tools they need to achieve authentic and lasting progress on attracting, engaging and advancing women. This is an essential 21st century roadmap to a competitive advantage.

Anyone who is responsible for the financial success of a company or the creative success of a team will benefit from Sue Hodgkinson’s incisive book, The Dignity Mindset. It’s fair to say she provides the secret weapon for keeping the American economy financially competitive. This is an extremely timely and consequential ‘how-to’ for staying professionally relevant in virtually any field. Read The Dignity Mindset, then thank me.”

Sue Toigo

Toigo Foundation

Rogerio Vivaldi,
President & CEO

Sigilon Therapeutics

Gender diversity is one of the drivers of my career success in biotech. This book is a must-read for CEOs who want to lead high performing teams. Sue Hodgkinson proposes innovative, actionable and practical solutions on how to stand for inclusion and how to lead a cultural shift in their organizations at the belief system level.”

The Dignity Mindset is a deeply compelling read and gets at the heart of why gender equality has stalled in the US. It should be required reading for every CEO who aspires to lead inclusively: gender equity and inclusion start at the top and then must be truly embraced as a core belief by everyone in the organization. This book is a roadmap for organizations creating an environment where all women can feel empowered, valued and impactful. Sue Hodgkinson does not merely highlight the status quo challenges,she proposes innovative, actionable and practical solutions. This is the ultimate guidebook to inclusion.”

Caryn McDowell,
SVP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Revance Therapeutics, Inc.

Terri Nimmons
CEO & Founder

Stonelake Leadership

Susan Hodgkinson, a global thought leader, author and executive coach, is once again on the cutting edge of leadership impact. ‘ The Dignity Mindset’ creates new possibilities, gives fresh and direct perspectives while remaining positive, practical and powerful. Diversity and inclusivity continue to be a business driver and a critical leadership focus. Hodgkinson unflinchingly guides leaders to new actionable behaviors to accelerate inclusive leadership and its impact. I will be using her strategies and philosophies to support my clients in my executive development workshops.”

Hodgkinson presents the case for change in an easy-to-digest, highly relevant format. She has built turnkey action plans that will help leadership teams create true cultural change. This is an imperative for any organization that wants to compete in the global marketplace and war for talent in the 20th century and beyond. The case is made, the tools are provided…it is time to take action and win!”

Teresa A. Hanratty
Senior Vice President, Ret.

Retail Distribution Group, Ameriprise Financial Inc.

Dr. Rafay Syed Mehdi MD, CEO

Global International Inc. Neuroscience Media Group

Hodgkinson is at her best again in The Dignity Mindset. She’s a maverick and pioneer blending fresh insight with a winning blueprint for every CEO who wants to win. Finally, leaders have the book that’s been missing: an intelligently distilled, cogent presentation of the inveterate barriers to gender equity –and the ways to lead past them for good. Don’t leave home without this book.”

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