Executive presence is the confidence you project as a leader.

It’s your energy and passion. It’s your communication style-verbal and non-verbal. If you have it, you command the attention, respect and trust of others. Its absence can derail your effectiveness and your career.

Our Building Your Executive Presence workshop presents the system, tactics, tools and measures to improve how you are perceived as a leader. These full- or half-day sessions are highly interactive, and include small group work where participants videotape each other in those informal “around the conference table” scenarios where so much of the work gets done and executive presence is so vital. Then they collectively review their performances, critique and coach each other. It’s a content-rich, data-driven, peer-based learning environment that encourages risk-taking.

Participants leave with a clear sense of how they project as leaders and the tools to improve their executive presence.

The workshop is offered as full- or half-day.

We also run a customized version of this workshop for women, who face unique challenges with this essential leadership competency.

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I don’t know what you did in your work with our participant in your ‘Executive Presence’ small group intensive, but he came out of it having made a series of nuanced adjustments, so that when you see them in total, reflect a much more confident, impactful person. This is going to open the door to his next career goal."– Gwen StewartSVP, Financial Services Firm

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