The Leader’s Edge outlines a powerful approach to professional development rooted in Hodgkinson’s simple but brilliant framing of the five dimensions of leadership: 5 P’s of Leadership Brand®– Persona, Product, Packaging, Promotion and Permission. This methodology begins from the premise that every one of us is responsible for ensuring that we remain relevant and differentiated in our marketplace. This book shares ideas, tools and methods for creating an extraordinary future built from your personal leadership style and inspiring vision.

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Every leader at every level needs to read this book." - Deborah Merrill-Sands, former dean, Simmons School of Management
  • Review from Professor David Thomas, Harvard Business School

    The Leader’s Edge is a ‘must read’ for aspiring entrepreneurs and executives. Susan Hodgkinson has done what most management consultants and scholars are unable to do. She has written a book consistent with the best research on impression management, social networks and executive development — without the jargon. The Leaders’s Edge provides keen insights and actionable prescriptions for creating a personal brand. The 5 P’s framework is the most useful tool I have found for analyzing and taking action to maximize how others will value your potential to contribute and be willing to invest in it.

    This book reminds us that we have little control over others, but maximum control over how we package and promote ourselves. How well we do so largely determines how valuable we will be perceived and others’ willingness to invest in us.

    Every aspiring professional of color needs to read this book. Hodgkinson writes with sensitivity to the challenges racial minorities often face in large corporations. Her advice is part and parcel of the tools people need to liberate themselves from the self-limiting and defensive approaches minorities often take when undervalued in their place of work. This book is about harnessing power and taking control of one’s own destiny.”

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