High performing companies that are also great places to work make sure their top talent are constantly learning and growing.

Our workshops were created for emerging and established leaders ready to take charge of their professional development. We create learning environments that are interactive and safe— because risk-taking and honesty are critical to growth.

Participants leave with concrete ways to improve their ability to lead. Companies from around the globe hire us to work with individuals and groups of employees. Our clients come from industries including life sciences, high tech, pharmaceutical, financial services, retail, food and professional services.

We will also train and certify members of your team to offer our workshops in-house, through our licensing program.

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Building Your Breakthrough Leadership Brand is Harder Than You Think℠ and
Building Your Executive Presence.

Your session on personal brand management was one of the most impactful I’ve ever attended. Thank you so much for all that you do and for being a positive figure in the world today.” – Mark Lions, Consumer Products Co.

Meet Susan Hodgkinson, whose proprietary personal branding and leadership methodology has inspired leaders at the highest level, impacting their personal and career success and helping them achieve impossible business goals.

Transform Your Brand With The Leader's Edge

The Leader's Edge: Using Personal Branding to Drive Performance and Profit is written for talented, motivated professionals across all industries and operations. It is based on The 5 P's of Leadership Brand®, Susan's proprietary methodology built upon proven business principles that great companies have espoused and applied for decades. The Leader's Edge has sold over 30,000 copies and was awarded the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award.

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Make Your Personal Brand Work for You

Susan Hodgkinson and her team of leadership and personal branding consultants help executives succeed through a unique combination of coaching, leadership branding workshops and speaking engagements.

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