You’re smart, hardworking and ambitious, but if you don’t have a strong leadership brand, you may be undermining your ability to be a leader and advance in your career.

Your brand has everything to do with how effective you are at meetings, who wants to work with you and how quickly you ascend the leadership ranks. Even if being the CEO isn’t your goal, your brand helps you chart your career on your own terms.

A breakthrough leadership brand benefits the individual and the business, because it is rooted in a unique value proposition that drives results for both. The best leadership brands are those developed by you, the owner, and they capture who you uniquely are at your best. The most effective leadership brands bundle your individual strengths together and bring them forward in a way that rewards your organization and you.

This keynote will help you evolve your brand from a corporate buzzword to a core part of your being.  You will begin to appreciate the power and impact of your brand—whether strong or weak—and the compelling need to be deliberate, intentional and proactive about creating a great brand.

Imagine if everyone in your organization showed up every day confident, open to learning, and vision-driven, because they have mastered how to own a strong personal brand. I’ve learned how to create that environment for myself and my team through Sue’s work." - Andrew BrownIT Executive

In this keynote, branding expert Susan Hodgkinson will:

  • Use a propriety framework to help you analyze and plan your own brand
  • Cover aspects of ‘brand competence’ that are part of most organizations’ unwritten rules for success
  • Share examples of the methodology used in her successful executive coaching work
  • Give you the inspiration and tools to change your brand and take charge of your career

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