How do businesses stay healthy, relevant and differentiated in a competitive marketplace?

By ensuring that their high-value employees are continuously learning and developing —  by helping them hone the leadership skills that keep them passionate about their work while driving organizational success.

Organizations engage us to take their emerging and established leaders–from mid-management to the C-suite–through a rigorous, customized, outcomes-based executive coaching program.

In the last two decades, we have coached individuals from a wide range of industries in the U.S. and abroad. We work with coachees of all ethnicities and backgrounds and have extensive experience and deep expertise working with women and people of color.

My methodology is unique in that it takes proven business principles to the next level–the individual level–where ultimate accountability and greatness reside." - Susan Hodgkinson

Our brand of coaching is both art and science

And, this blend achieves remarkable results for our clients. Specifically:

  • We begin each engagement with a thorough assessment of the coachee’s strengths and challenges, gleaned from in-depth, open-ended interviews with supervisors, peers and subordinates. Many programs depend on quantitative instruments such as scales or ratings; we find that the most powerful information resides within the narrative.
  • We combine the disciplines of leadership development and marketing—the art of constantly innovating and creating in order to deliver extraordinary value.
  • Our background is in business and we understand the cultures, demands and challenges of that world.
  • We utilize a proprietary framework called the 5 P’s of Leadership Brand® (Persona, Product, Packaging, Promotion and Permission)—a comprehensive, yet nuanced, approach to leadership development. Some other coaching programs de-emphasize certain leadership core competencies we believe are vital.
  • Coaching sessions occur twice a month for 1.5-2 hours per session. Sessions are conducted in person, on the phone or through videoconferencing.

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