Finally, a book that breaks through to the heart of why gender equity has stalled and what to do about it. The Dignity Mindset gives business leaders innovative, actionable and practical solutions on how to stand for inclusion and lead a cultural shift in their organizations at the belief system level.

Susan Hodgkinson not only presents the case, she then provides business leaders with the tools they need to achieve authentic and lasting progress on attracting, engaging and advancing women. This is an essential 21st century roadmap to a competitive advantage.

Anyone who is responsible for the financial success of a company or the creative success of a team will benefit from Sue Hodgkinson’s incisive book, The Dignity Mindset." - Sue Toigo
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Our brand of coaching is both art and science

And, this blend achieves remarkable results for our clients. Specifically:

  • We begin each engagement with a thorough assessment of the coachee’s strengths and challenges, gleaned from in-depth, open-ended interviews with supervisors, peers and subordinates. Many programs depend on quantitative instruments such as scales or ratings; we find that the most powerful information resides within the narrative.
  • We combine the disciplines of leadership development and marketing—the art of constantly innovating and creating in order to deliver extraordinary value.
  • Our background is in business and we understand the cultures, demands and challenges of that world.
  • We utilize a proprietary framework called the 5 P’s of Leadership Brand® (Persona, Product, Packaging, Promotion and Permission)—a comprehensive, yet nuanced, approach to leadership development. Some other coaching programs de-emphasize certain leadership core competencies we believe are vital.
  • Coaching sessions occur twice a month for 1.5-2 hours per session. Sessions are conducted in person, on the phone or through videoconferencing.

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Transform Your Brand With The Leader's Edge

The Leader's Edge: Using Personal Branding to Drive Performance and Profit is written for talented, motivated professionals across all industries and operations. It is based on The 5 P's of Leadership Brand®, Susan's proprietary methodology built upon proven business principles that great companies have espoused and applied for decades. The Leader's Edge has sold over 30,000 copies and was awarded the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award.

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Susan Hodgkinson and her team of leadership and personal branding consultants help executives succeed through a unique combination of coaching, leadership branding workshops and speaking engagements.

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